Augmented Reality (AR) South Africa

Augmented Reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment where elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

We all love telling people about what we do, but sometimes words just aren’t enough! Are you tired of struggling to find the verses to describe your vision in a short time? Tired of fumbling for a flyer that will probably just be thrown away? You need an unforgettable way to make your company stand out in just a few minutes - something that’s quick to demonstrate but leaves a lasting impression.

We can help!

Do you Speak Geek? That is all we do! Not to worry if you don’t, our sales consultants are the perfect translators to take your idea from vision to reality. Based in Johannesburg Speak Geek? is fast becoming the go to South African Augmented Reality development company, Speak Geek? are the right people to help you achieve your vision with an augmented reality experience.

  • Media

    Integrate videos, audio and any other media into your augmentations.

  • Animated Content

    Bring your augmentations to life with animation.

  • Multiple Platforms

    Use your augmented reality app on Android & IOS.

  • GPS Tracking

    Augmented Reality GPS Tracking

Augmented reality is a perfect way to create quick and easy high impact experiences. Since nothing more than a smart phone is needed, it can be used anywhere – an elevator, a braai, a bus stop. This is the perfect tool for making a quick and lasting impression.

To augment reality is to complement or add, in the case of augmented reality, we are adding to reality. We create apps on smart phones or tablets where a marker is recognised and 3D content is overlaid on top of this.

This is different to virtual reality in which an entirely virtual world is created – with augmented reality you can still see the real world relative to the 3D content. Other multimedia like video and sound can be added as well, creating an even more immersive experience. All of this can be done with or without the use of any special glasses or headsets, only a smart phone or mobile device.

At Speak Geek?, we love working with our clients to redefine the way things are done. That is why we can’t wait to talk about your idea and take it to the next level with augmented reality. Our lead visual effects artist is ready to design you something amazing in 3D, and our software development team has years of experience taking seemingly impossible ideas and turning them into things that can make jaws drop! Why not find out how he can do the same with your vision?

You supply the media, or let one of our talented inhouse VFX artists take care of it for you. We can incorporate videos, images, 3D content, or even visualise data. The AR app can either have a marker (an image that activates the Augmented Reality experience), or be markerless where we use flat surface detection to place your content on a table, chair, floor, or anywhere in the real world. The app will be available through the IOS & Android Stores.

What to do next

Ready to meet the team that can add that next gen new dimension to your reality? Or want to find out more and see our demos? VR is not all we're known for. It’s our mission to help you redefine reality and what is possible. Get in touch – we’d love to meet and Geek you.